4 Steps You Should Follow To Lose Weight Successfully

One of our biggest challenges is our appearance. We have to deal with this on a daily basis. Whether it is for health or social purposes, as a society we’re used to believing and acknowledging the importance of looking good. However, as a nasty trick, society also constantly feed us with things that encourage a totally opposite result. Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be something we dread or fear, nevertheless, our brains seem to be partly hard-wired to believe that all delicious food is bad for you while tasteless salads are what you need. Far from the truth, there are an infinite amount of delicious recipes that you can prepare while also looking after your health, furthermore, you don’t need to die and be born again at the gym in order to get that look you want.


It is all about how we perceive things and our attitude. Losing weight, for example, is something that nowadays touches the frontier that leads to taboo. Though it is important to accept ourselves for who whom we are and love ourselves for what we are, nowadays it’s very easy to fall victim to the concept that being overweight is not an issue and we should embrace it as our own nature.


Being overweight is an issue that affects your health. Period. No amount of arguments should convince you to think otherwise. Although it’s very important to accept yourself and acknowledge that everyone has a different body type, one thing that you should never be OK with is being unhealthy.


Whether you’re doing it for your own health, or to improve your appearance and self-confidence, losing weight will always play a big role in our lives. That’s why we want to share with you today four steps you need to follow in order to reach your ideal weight successfully.

Check your habits

Keeping your habits in check will grant you insight into how you’re living. It will allow you to evaluate what you’re doing and what effect it’s having on your life.


We fall very easily into temptation and give in to bad habits really quickly. Some of them can be relatively harmless, such as having an ice cream after lunch, while others can lead to more serious consequences, for example getting used to drinking too much alcohol, or having soft drinks after every meal, etc.


Everybody reacts differently towards stressful situations. What you should never do is take on a bad habit to cope with the stress and anxiety that some circumstances can cause. Instead, try to adopt a mindful attitude, which will grant you a better understanding of what’s happening and will also allow your body to feel at ease and calm which also leads to better metabolism:  one of the key elements to weight loss.

Work out but don’t overwork yourself

It’s a common misbelief that we need to go half a day to the gym every day in order to lose weight fast. While working out does indeed help to burn fat, it is only one of the many pieces of the puzzle.


Starting a healthy and balanced routine according to your limits is the best way to start. Hiring a personal trainer will also help you to find the perfect routine while doing the perfect exercises that your body needs to get in shape.


Another common misbelief is that we need to do more cardio than anything else. Keeping an eye on our muscle mass will also help considerably, since cutting out weight lifting and adopting a cardio workout only will reduce the number of calories burnt while also diminishing your muscle mass.


Eating balanced protein meals will ensure that you burn fat, lose weight but at the same time gain muscle, which will make you not only look better, but it will also make you feel energized, healthy and motivated.

Watch what you eat

You don’t need to go on an only lettuce diet. That’s actually quite negative for your body. We all need a basic amount of nutrients that can be found in healthy foods. Instead of cutting out everything you like, try to balance it out with whole foods, proteins, and fruits. In other words single-ingredient foods that will give you everything you need and nothing that might add on to your weight.


Avoid processed foods, and reduce your average sugar intake. Add protein to your diet and don’t forget about natural fat. It’s much healthier to eat natural food that you can cook at home instead of eating out every day. Even if you can’t give up on eating delicious cheeseburgers or cake, you can set it up as a personal challenge to not do it as often as you do now. You might eventually give it up completely and once you’re used to eating less junk food, your body won’t even miss it.

Use smaller plates

Psychologically speaking, our brains are trained to eat what’s in front of us. Using big plates will not only subconsciously make us feel like there’s not enough food on the plate, but it will also force us to think that we need to eat everything that’s been served in order to be satisfied.


Using smaller plates will make it look as if there was a lot of food served while actually being a smaller portion. This will allow us to eat thinking that we’re having enough and our brains will tell us that we’re satisfied without any need for more food afterward.


Losing weight is not a task that can be done with just one specific activity. As complex as our bodies are, we need to tackle the issue from different angles while also ensuring that we maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Eating properly is one of the most important factors that we need to keep in mind when wanting to lose weight. Instead of cutting out all the foods that you believe are fattening, talk first with a nutritionist if you want to go on a strict diet and make sure you’re always getting enough nutrients to stay active and healthy. Take on good habits, get enough sleep and drink lots of water. These things might seem like they can’t do much on their own, but when combined with a healthy diet and a good, regular workout routine, it will start showing you results rather soon without ever compromising your mood or health.


Are you currently trying to lose weight? What methods have you tried? I’d you’d like to suggest any other ways one can successfully lose weight, leave a comment below.